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Published on January 19th, 2020 | by The Local Staff


All you need is love…..and some help from your local spa.

Valentine’s Day. This may be unpopular, but those two words together make me groan out loud! I have never understood it. Maybe I’m not romantic enough. Maybe I’m jaded. Maybe I expect too much and this is my way of not being disappointed. 

A back story: My very first job out of college was for Clinique. It was my first adult job and my first year of marriage. Imagine three makeup counters and a full perfume counter just in a frenzy over Valentine’s. Not only were the girls that were working all in a tizzy about selling red lipstick and every sensual scent for that night, but there were make up brushes flying all over the place for excited women going on Valentine’s dates. This I was prepared for …what I wasn’t prepared for was a department store full of  working women receiving dozens, and I do mean dozens, of roses!! I sat at my counter doing makeovers watching as bouquet after bouquet of flowers came in the front door of the store. It was so crazy. I thought for sure any minute a singing quartet or Mexican mariachi band was going to come waltzing in. We didn’t have to decorate for Valentine’s Day because every inch of glass countertop was filled with flowers in vases. Only one person did not receive anything at the store for Valentine’s Day …me. My Valentine’s impaired-not a romantic bone in his young body-husband bought me a card, bought flowers that looked like they were picked off the side of the road and put them in a juice glass at home. Needless to say I came home ten kinds of Valentine’s MAD!!! It was from that day that we agreed Valentine’s wasn’t for us. More for his personal safety, but no more red heart shaped boxes have graced our house since. 

I say that to say I have been in the Beauty Industry a looooooooong time, and I know what works for Valentine’s and what DOES NOT! The key to a good Valentine’s is to be understated and supremely thoughtful. Understand that your significant other may be expecting 24K gold and a limo; understand too that this may be impossible! You should not kill yourself over a holiday who’s history is very confusing….I just did a Wiki search and it’s murky at best. 

Valentine’s Day Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t go crazy …if  you start off strong you will have to maintain that forever.

Do make a dinner reservation!!

Don’t take them to dinner and complain about standing in line for two hours.

Do cook a meal or get their favorite take out!

Don’t wait for them to come home and cook for you.

Do have flowers delivered if they work with all women!

Do not if they work with all men.

Chocolate can be skipped unless it’s Godiva. Never skip Godiva.

Do get a card! If it’s too early to be romantic, be funny.  If you should be romantic, still be funny; you can be romantic later. A card will make or break you if it’s too much or not enough…stay in the middle with funny.

Do take inventory of their quick list of favorite things, I.e. beer, lip gloss, facial wash, bathtub accessories, whiskey, coffee, anything that says, “Hey, I pay attention!”. 

Don’t do nothing…Unless you have an iron clad and notarized WE DO NOT CELEBRATE THIS HOLIDAY rule. 

DO go to your favorite spa…hint hint…and get them a gift certificate for a spa service. Why? 2 reasons. 1. This is the gift that keeps giving. Not only will you be thanked ON Valentine’s Day, but then again AFTER they receive their spa services in the future. 2. This is also a great go to because nobody is EVER disappointed with a spa gift certificate and you can be a hero again and again with the purchase of the exact same gift!! 

**(the little stars say “pay attention this is important”) Make them an appointment, arrange a babysitter if needed, and clean the house to your best ability while they are gone. This my friend will make you a GOD amongst men this Valentine’s Day. 

Happiest V Day!! Red hearts and all that. C

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