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Annika Chambers, Unlike any Blues Artist I’ve Heard

     Annika Chambers is from Houston, Texas, and wanted to be a singer since she was little. Annika’s background is unlike that of any blues artist I’ve ever heard. Before starting her music career, Annika completed seven and a half years in the U.S. Army. After finishing her time in the military, she began to build up her music career.

     Annika has had the opportunity to work with many of the well-known talents in the area such as Brad Absher, Paul Ramirez, The Mighty Orq and many others. She recently released her newest album, Making My Mark. McLeod’s here in Dothan had the pleasure of hosting Annika for her album release party. By the time of the release party, the album had already reached the following:

     There was hardly a place to stand that night. The music was absolutely incredible. Annika demonstrated that she has the voice of a classic blues and soul artist. I looked around, and at almost every point during the night there were people dancing and having an absolute blast. It was a wonderful experience to see so many people so happy in one place. If you’re into blues and you want to hear someone with an amazing voice, go ahead and pick up her album!

Check her out on her website!

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