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Anup R, is living out his musical dream right here in Dothan: Ashley D. Rubin

Anupkumar Raval, better known as, Alabama. Originally from Mumbai, India, Anup R was just a young boy with a guitar gifted from his grandfather. He would soon come to form a musical foundation with guitar and keyboard lessons. Since education was his family’s priority, music had to take position on the back burner for some time. Luckily, this musical talent was not forgotten.

While living in India, Anup R obtained his bachelor’s degree in English Literature. He was also heavily involved in social projects, which included the empowerment of women, English training and sanitation issues, just to skim the surface. His love for social work runs deep, as he still relies on promoting a peaceful lifestyle for all. In 2006, Anup R moved to the United States where he furthered his education, receiving a Bachelors in Fine Arts and a Masters of Communication. After completing his degrees, he began working with some Bollywood TV networks. Here, Anup R was exposed to working on different TV shows. This eventually lead him to the start of his own media entertainment company, known as Flikk. Knowing that something was still missing from his life, he decided to risk it all to go back to his musical roots.

Flick gave him the platform to begin composing and producing his own music. Anup R came out with his first single in 2017, called “Little or Lot.” He and his wife, Deborah (who is from Dothan), are currently writing more original songs in preparation for future releases. Anup R has his single posted on his website, along with a trailer for a future song. His website can be found atwww.flikkbollywood.com. His music does not have a true set genre, but is comparable to pop. He hopes in the future to explore different genres, such as new age and hip hop.

Anup R is strong in his beliefs for peace and nonviolence. His yet to be released song, “Feeling with Darkness,” really highlights this. He hopes for one day to live in a world with less bullying and hatred.


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