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Ask An Intern

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Dear Intern,

I have been talking to this guy for two months. We’re not exclusive yet, but I would like to be. The thing is, he asked me to meet his parents. Of course, I really want to seal the deal and make things official, but I’m really nervous! Any advice?

-On the Fence like Mike Pence

Dear On the Fence like Mike Pence,

Meeting the parents of someone you really like is always scary, but I have some great tips to take that edge off.
First, make sure you are wearing something that makes you feel comfortable. I would go for something low-key like an old sweatshirt and fitted yoga pants.

Speaking of things that are uptight, make sure to take at least two shots of your choice of alcohol before he picks you up. You’ll feel much more like your normal self, and you will probably feel more at will to say whatever comes to your mind! When he introduces you, don’t hesitate to wrap them up in a huge bear hug! Never mind the that they might not be the “touchy-feely” type or the fact that the Jim Beam on your breath is really apparent – you’re sure to win over their hearts with such an intimate embrace.

During dinner, make sure to mention any and all allergies or dietary restrictions you may have; sure, his mom may have spent the afternoon preparing a beautiful roast and buttery, mashed potatoes, but she should still know that you are an eco-vegan – you know, for future ref. After dinner, make sure to get into a debate with his father over whether or not the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders’ uniforms are overly sexist and offer an unfair expectation of a woman’s appearance. Make sure to pull your potential love-interest into this topic, because he will obviously back you up.

Naturally, they are going to fall in love with you (and I am sure this guy will, too!)

Sex Trumps Love,

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