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Published on August 5th, 2012 | by The Local


Back to School

Did you know there are only a few weeks left of summer vacation? Families will be getting in those last few trips and outings together, but there is still time to prepare and refresh young minds in anticipation of the new school year.

Now is the time to start getting the kids to bed a little earlier each night to prepare them for that first week of school.Also, getting up earlier each morning will make arriving at school on time that first week a lot easier! Get back in the habit of having clothes laid out each night, ready for the next day, before going to bed. This will cut down on time spent trying to find something to wear each morning or that belt that is required by the dress code!

Getting back into a regular routine of set bedtimes and limiting video game and television time will make the transition back to school less stressful for parents and children alike. Use the extra time as story time. Read to your children. If your child can read, why not select a book that both parent and child can take turns reading a page or chapter to each other? This is fun and also allows your child to practice reading fluency. For the younger children, select books that rhyme or have repeating patterns, and books that are about color, word, or shape recognition.

Also, don’t forget to review math skills. If you are taking a last little trip to the beach, allow your child to help with planning and packing. Also, a map of the area to which your family will be traveling can be used to aid your child’s map-reading skills. Have your child calculate the miles from home to your destination. There are multiple ways to incorporate math into everyday life. The grocery store is an excellent place for math! Look through the grocery ads and make a list of the items and the prices of each. Add the list prices up to come up with a total. If taking your child to the store isn’t an option, then bring the grocery receipt home and have your child figure the total amount of certain items .

Last, but certainly not least, have your child use his or her imagination! Ask them to write (or tell you) about their summer, such as what did they like best, least, and what they would like to do next summer. If they are too young to write, then have them draw a picture that is representative of their summer experience. Be positive with your child about school. Encourage them to set realistic goals for themselves for the new school year. Have a wonderful, successful school year!

-Ms. Crabapple, Educator

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