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Published on May 30th, 2018 | by The Local Staff


The Beauty Attache’: Dare to bare down there

By Charlene Commerford

It’s summer and the great internal debate has begun….Do I get a Brazilian wax? If you are already answering, “ABSOLUTELY NOT”, hang on for just a minute and let me educate you.

Just so you know, I am only about two years into this journey and I work in the industry. I say that to say I was in the “absolutely not” camp. I used to think, “Are you kidding? Lay down on a table and let a total stranger rip the thickest, most deep-rooted hairs out of my most sensitive and personal areas? Nope, not happening. I’ll shave. Thank you.” Then I repeatedly cut myself in some tough areas and thought to myself, maybe I need to try an alternative route.

Let me introduce you to our expert Brazilian Wax Panel. First, India Moorehead, Master Esthetician at Rituals Salon and Day Spa and has been Brazilian waxing for ten years. Next, Katherine McCord, Esthetician at Rituals Salon and Day Spa and has been waxing for four years. Last, Leslie Baker, Esthetician and Laser Technician. You’ve heard from her before. Let’s get this party started!

What are the most common questions you get asked by a new Brazilian wax client?

India: How long is it going to last? Is my skin going to be irritated?

Kat: I get a lot of questions about pain. How bad does it hurt? And how long does my hair have to be?

What is your best advice for Pre-Appointment and Post-Appointment?

India: Pre-appointment: Don’t shave for at least 7-10 days prior. The longer the hair, the better. The wax can grab the hair best that way. If the hair is too short it won’t grab the hair or the hair will break and it’s more painful. Post-appointment: No swimming, hot tubbing or baths for 24 hours. Also, no sweaty activities for 24 hours i.e. exercise, yard work, etc.

Kat:  Pre-appointment: Have enough hair growth (the length of your eyebrow hairs) and use a light scrub to exfoliate the day before the wax. This helps loosen up dead skin and ingrown hairs. Post-appointment: Use an antiseptic which will help fight against ingrown hairs by keeping that empty follicle clean and also lengthen the time between your waxes. I really like a product called Finipil; it’s an antiseptic cream as well as a growth inhibitor, it should be used daily after showering.

What is the worst part about having a Brazilian wax done?

India: The client is usually nervous about the awkwardness of being undressed from the waist down. But, I explain to them that I have a large towel on the bottom and a small one on top and that I will keep them covered as much as possible.

Kat: Worst part is the pain of pulling the hair out! But don’t worry, usually this gets better each time you wax.

What is the best thing about having it done?

India: You will be as smooth as a baby’s bottom! Shaving typically lasts 2-3 days. Waxing will last 3-4 weeks. The more you do it, the thinner and finer the hair itself gets!

Kat: It thins the hair! It is so much better for anyone that suffers with ingrown hairs (um…everyone) and it’s so much easier than shaving….you know those hard to get places you can’t get.

Now…..There is one more option and this is for a PERMANENT Brazilian. The Laser. I want to show you exactly how this convo went down.

Charlene – Writing an article about Brazilian Waxing today. Tell me about the laser alternative costs, benefits, number of treatments. Thanks Momma …. Doesn’t have to be lengthy!

Leslie – Awesome! Thank you! Cost $200, 6-8 treatments ( depending on coarseness, density, etc.). Benefits include permanent reduction in hair, reduces ingrown hairs and folliculitis permanently. Now let me tell you about my life journey: It was a cold winter day and I was charging through!…..Oh wait, you said not lengthy.

These are the three girls who I would recommend for a Brazilian wax or laser treatment. From reading you will see that they are all witty and knowledgeable. They will put you right at ease in one of the most awkward, painful and self-inflicted moments of your life. Trust me when I say that getting a Brazilian wax is a life changer. Especially if you are very active, work out a lot, beach it or pool it. Put down the razor, and dare to bare down there. You won’t regret it…Well, you might for a minute while it’s happening, but then you won’t. I promise.

Charlene Commerford is a master esthetician at Rituals.

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