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Best and Worst Holiday Experiences

It’s that time of year again. Time to eat our body weight in turkey, dressing, and all the fixings while watching football and hanging with the fam. Thanksgiving is that special time of year when we all remember what we’re thankful for and spend time with our loved ones; however, it’s also the time of year when people knife each other at Wal-Mart over the last box of crayons. So, in the spirit of the holidays, The Local is here to remind you of the best and the worst experiences that come with the holiday season.



  1. Dat feast tho:  Granny and Mom have been up all night cooking, and no one is more thankful than me. I’m talking turkey, dressing, green bean casserole, corn on the cob, peas, dumplings, cornbread, pumpkin pies, and the list goes on! If your goal is to go into a food coma, Thanksgiving has your back!
  2. Saying what you’re thankful for:  Some may think this is a little sappy, but I love this tradition. Every Thanksgiving, we take a very small break from our sarcastic selves to say something nice about the people we care about most. Before we feast, we each go around the table and say one thing that we’re thankful for. This is your chance to tell Mom how thankful you are that she worked overtime last week to help you out when you needed it. To tell your Dad that you’re so blessed that he’s always there for you when you find yourself in the dark. Over the holidays, don’t forget to take the five minutes to call the parental units and say thanks for all they do!
  3. Getting to see peeps that you don’t normally get to see:  This mostly applies for us out-of-towners that are coming home for the holidays. If you feel the need to do some exercise after eating too much food, or you need a break from granny’s cheek squeezes, it’s the perfect opportunity to call up your besties and make a plan to meet up in one of the great gathering places in Downtown Dothan. Chances are that your friends are home visiting the fam too, and can’t wait to catch up.




  1. Black Friday: This crazy day, dubbed “the biggest shopping day of the year,” has usually been the day after Thanksgiving, but in recent years, it has even starting to bleed its poisonous fumes into the holiday itself. This is the day that pits mother against daughter, father against son, co-worker against co-worker (but mostly complete strangers against complete strangers) in a battle of epic proportions over “the perfect Christmas present.” Every year there are more and more useless injuries and even deaths on this so called “holiday.” My advice is to completely avoid it. Online shopping is the way to go!
  2. Travelling: It’s all fun and games until you’re trying to squash a dachshund into the back seat while trying to get onto the right exit ramp in stop-and-go traffic. And that’s just for us drivers. The airport tends to be out of control during the holidays, a time when people are trying desperately to get home to their loved ones. The airport can smell desperation, so prepare for long layovers and cancelled flights.
  3. Annoying Relatives: Let’s face it, most of our relatives are amazing and we can’t wait to see them, but everyone has that one Cousin Eddie that is going to make you want to throat punch him at some point. No matter how great a story is, Eddie wants to chime in with something completely inappropriate, which leads to an awkward moment for us all. Take it down a notch, Eddie! Grandma doesn’t want to hear about how many strippers were at your friend’s bachelor party.

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