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Book Review: The Lost City of Z

The Lost City of Z by David Grann. Doubleday/Random House Inc., 2005, 2009,
New York. [non-fiction]. Reviewed by: Amanda Trawick, Houston-Love Memorial
Library, Dothan, AL.

Somewhere deep in the Amazonian wilderness of South America lies a trail of clues left behind by the famed British explorer Percy Fawcett- hints that could lead an adventurous person to the “Lost City of Z” that was said to exist in a hidden place within the forest. Repeatedly during his lifetime, Fawcett entered the “green hell” of the Amazon, convinced that such a city could be found. The environment presented him with a multitude of dangers; even if an explorer managed to evade predators, disease-carrying insects, hostile tribes, and inclement weather, there was supposedly no way to survive upon the land itself. The animals effectively evaded hunters and the soil was poor, thus making it unsuitable for growing crops. Many thought searching for civilization in such a place to be folly, yet Fawcett continued obsessively pressing onward. He kept detailed diaries of his findings. Then one day he vanished just as many other explorers had, far away in the jungle shadows. These written accounts of his perilous journeys eventually found their way into the hands of New Yorker writer David Grann, who was so enthralled by what he read that he decided to resume the quest… and that is how readers came to enjoy the book, The Lost City of Z. Recommended for lovers of historical expeditions. Take a trip into the unknown; take a trip with Mr. Grann as he follows in the footsteps of a long-lost explorer.

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