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Canvas Me Henna

Anyone else guilty of snagging an all-black henna tattoo during Spring Break way back when? Let’s just say that I personally am not NOT guilty of this! And maybe you are too, and maybe you aren’t- but I actually got a whole other view on henna recently. During Art After Dark at our own Wiregrass Art Museum, a booth caught my eye. Since this is an event I usually work, I noticed immediately a lady finishing setting up tubes of some gel-like liquid. Her unique vibes were enchanting and I had to know what she was doing. When I could look up from my work, I realized she was doing absolutely stunning art work with those gel tubes on people’s hands. I just had to know more!

       Rachel Godwin is the owner and operator of Canvas Me Henna. And just talking to her a bit really opened up my eyes to so much information on henna of which I had no idea. She explained to me the calming properties that this natural product provides. But in the same thought, it was probably pretty dangerous to have gotten the henna tattoos I may or may not have gotten in years past. She shared with me that one’s excitement to get a vacation henna tat can actually be pretty dangerous. Since some of the images Rachel showed me of the consequences from choosing an artist that might mistakenly use a product that is not real henna are extremely graphic, I will let you google that on your own time. It is quite frightening.

       Everything that Rachel uses is all natural. You get to choose your own pattern and once the henna is applied to your skin, you just let it rest for 6 to 8 hours. After the time passes, peel and rinse the paste to reveal a tattoo that will last 10 days to 2 weeks. This is perfect for the commitment phobe! Or maybe you are considering a real tattoo, and you just are not sure. This is great place to start. Rachel was excited to share that this is also great for a bachelorette party, bridal shower, expectant mothers, and she also does individual appointments. She has a booth set up for Foster Fest so if you have the chance, go and get a henna tattoo from Rachel!

       And for those who are ready to take the full plunge or maybe already have and are looking for more ink, Dinosaur Tattoo Company is serving it’s fourth term as Best of the Wiregrass for tattoo shops. I am super privileged to say that I personally have ink from Chris Lurie (owner) and Justin Odom. Sean Robinson is another killer tattoo artist and his work is top notch as well. Dinosaur Tattoo Company, located in Dothan, specializes in custom work. Chris, Sean and Justin are all artists before anything else. This is something that is extremely important when considering a tattoo. These guys are so much more than following the lines. They have a passion for art that is extremely noticeable in their work.

       Dinosaur operates by appointment only, which for the client gives an all around better experience. Personally, I have taken the guys pictures of what I wanted and from that point we discussed the tattoo until it was exactly how I imagined. This leaves no room for disappointment. In fact, I think I made Justin resize my tattoo three times before I was completely content and he never complained or made me feel like I was inconveniencing him.

       You can check out more about these guys on Facebook on their page, Dinosaur Tattoo Company. If you would like to set up an appointment, the best thing to do would be to go in or give them a ring. The guys are very kind and professional and their atmosphere is awesome!


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