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Cassie Davis. Carefree Girl with a Voice – By Brian Cook

When hanging out with friends on “Open Mic Night” at The Recovery Room recently, I discovered a sassy new talent on the local bar scene.  Always a sucker for a raspy-voiced female singer who can belt out standards while playing acoustic guitar, I was instantly smitten “hook, line, and sinker” by  blonde Tallahassee native Cassie Davis, who has made stops along life’s musical highway from Tupelo to Memphis (Elvis’s old stomping grounds) before landing here in her mama’s backyard of “Peanutville.”

I even returned the next evening to hear Cassie’s main performance gig that featured cover versions of songs by vocalists ranging from Miranda Lambert to Lady Gaga … and let me just say that she gave me “A Million Reasons” to keep listening.  Dressed in a little black dress and heels with a dark smoky hue to her lipstick and make-up palette that night, Cassie reminded me of the “Pearl” legacy that Janis Joplin left us many moons ago when she flew to “rock-n-roll heaven” far too soon at 27, the same age that Cassie is now.  However, unlike Janis, Cassie seems to have a long bright musical future ahead of her at this point with no worries of what Gaga would call “the fame monster” destroying her.

No, Cassie has enough “carefree country girl” inside her for that to happen.  She’s kind of like a hybrid “love child” of Kacey Musgraves and The Indigo Girls, if such a thing were possible.  In other words, a pretty little yellow daisy with dark roots, no pun intended.  Cassie’s biggest problems at this point in her burgeoning career are paying off her car and making sure that a shot of Jack Daniels with a honey chaser is around to keep her vocal cords from losing their tune when being stressed too much.

I sat down with Cassie recently to interview her about what makes her tick on and off stage.  ENJOY!

ME:  What brought you to Dothan?

CASSIE: Okay, I’m just going to be honest with you.  After too many miles of jobs to support my singing habit, I pretty much needed a place to land for a while to get my act together, and my mama had a house that was empty and uninhabitable but needed to be loved.  I stay with her until I had the plumbing fixed and the electricity wired, and then I moved in.  It wasn’t until May that I realized the TRUE reason for moving to Dothan … MUSIC!

I’ve found the band and the direction for which I have been searching for so long, not to mention the musician/boyfriend of my dreams, Carlton Morris.  He inspires me to be better at everything I try.

ME:  What singers inspire you the most?

CASSIE:  First and foremost, Alicia Keys!  She was been with me since childhood, and a get a lot of my voice from singing along to the album Songs In A Minor.  Secondly, Miranda Lambert, who inspires me with her “take no shit” attitude and outlook on life.  I get some of my “twang” from her and have been hooked since the release of “Gunpowder And Lead.”  Third on the list would have to be Pink.  She and I seem to have a lot in common as people and as artists.  Again, the “take no shit” attitude really calls to me.  Her shows and productions are just outta this world, and her voice is almost incomparable.

ME:  What’s your favorite song to perform?

CASSIE:  Honestly, it depends on the night that you ask me … but right now I get a lot of requests for “Blue” by Keith Urban.  It works well with my vocal style.

ME:  Where do you see yourself in five years?

CASSIE:  I honestly can’t tell you where I will be in five years, but I’m hopeful that we (as in “my band”) will have two full original albums to release to the world, complete and rocking.  Just touring and bringing music to the world, baby!

ME:  What’s your favorite drink right now?

CASSIE:  Totally the Jameson And Green Tea they make at The Recovery Room.  The best anywhere I’ve ever had it!

ME:  What’s your life mantra?

CASSIE:  Whatever you put into the universe is everything you will get back?

ME:  Any final thoughts?

CASSIE:  Ohhh, I forgot to mention Grace Potter!  She is my second most favorite singer/musician EVER!  Her writing skills are completely out of this world  …and her voice!  OMG, HER VOICE!

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