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Published on January 5th, 2018 | by Ashley Danielle Rubin


Catching Eyes in the Wiregrass

Katie Hughes is a local treasure, who has been gracing nearby towns with her talent. This modest artist had always dreamed of following her mother’s footsteps, who is also an artist. She knew this at an early age and began practicing her skills with a simple mechanical pencil. And let me be the first to tell you, if you have not been fortunate enough to see some of Katie’s works, that mechanical pencil did her right. She has since expanded to different mediums, and she swears her best work is still done with a pencil today. She now has painted jaw-dropping pieces that are currently being featured and sold at different locations around the Wiregrass. Truly, I hate to limit Katie to just the Wiregrass, because you will see in further reading that she has a broad span of work throughout south Alabama.

Katie took a giant leap of faith when she left her full time job to pursue painting as a career. That leap did not steer her wrong. In just of couple months, she was featured on the front page of The Dothan Eagle. Salon Serendipity in Enterprise had opened their walls up to Katie as a personal gallery and The Eagle featured this dynamic duo. This encouraged Katie to continue down this painted road of glory- as it was evident, she had the talent to do so. In the same year, Katie was given a ten page spread in Wiregrass Living. She had no idea she would be given this large of a feature, but she was humbled with gratitude for the opportunity.

For the sake of a sad story, Katie had fallen in love with a military pilot. During this time, she had drawn an Apache helicopter for him. She jokes now, “The relationship did not grow, but my business certainly did!” Now Katie does all kinds of aircraft portraits for graduations, retirement celebrations and gifts. She was even asked to draw pictures that were used at a ribbon cutting on Fort Rucker.

Now Katie has expanded her talents to the community by offering a step-by-step painting classes in several different areas. Her business is called Eye Catchers Artworks and she can be found on Facebook. Here she lists her location, her upcoming classes and what you will be painting with her. I got to go to one of her paint classes a couple months back. While there we got to paint a super-cute cow that a close friend of mine tried to convince me to sell to her. Needless to say, Katie does not let you leave her class until you are happy with your painting. I was blessed with the creative bone, not really the kind that allows you to paint. My hands shake really badly and my lines are a mess. I have a tendency to get frustrated easily if I lack perfection, but Katie was right there giving step-by-step guidelines the entire time and she truly does make it fun. Her classes are fun and unique. She has them at smoothie shops, coffee shops, Folklore and a few other locations. She stretches all the way from Troy to the southeast and is looking to further expand her locations of classes. She also holds private parties- that would be a blast for a birthday party, bachelor party, a retirement party- the list truly is endless. If you want to contact Katie, you can contact her through her Facebook page. She is a precious talent to this town and is willing to share her abilities with the community!


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