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Connor Robinson, Strongman. -Ashley D. Rubin

Connor Robinson first caught my attention while I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook. I remember wondering to myself how the displays in the images he was posting were even possible. Connor has dedicated his life to an extreme workout regimen known as “Strongman”. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, as well as certified CrossFit Strongman. Through my conversation with Connor, I was able to grasp the reality that despite it looking impossible, Strongman fitness can be done by just about anyone who has the proper training. Connor has been trained and has dedicated his life for the past 4 years to provide correct training for those who desire to learn the technique of Strongman.


He first decided to take this lifestyle route when he ran into some hiccups with time and money. He was just getting his feet wet with the purchase of his first home, not really having the funds or time to continue training at his then-current gym. So Connor improvised with what he had: a small barbell set, a pull-up bar, and a garage. This would be what would further his training over the next few years. Knowing that fitness equipment can quickly break the bank, Connor looked into some unconventional methods that could be used for training. This is the part of his life where the Strongman classification really started to peak his interest more so than ever before. He began to research the topic more and realized that this could be a very obtainable future for himself. With a couple of kegs, some tractor tires, a wooden log and a selection of other strength training items, Connor was able to start his Strongman training on his own, eventually using his knowledge to train others.


Connor has since expanded his training tremendously. He has moved out of his previous training facility, his garage, and is now the Strongman coach at unWOD. First, I really want to point out one of the coolest features that this gym has to offer, and that is every Saturday morning from 9-10am unWOD hosts an “open gym.” This gives anyone the freedom to check out what’s going on with no obligation fee. They will start you off with a beginners’ workout to see if this gym is the correct fit before you commit. Connor can be reached through email at robinsonconnor7@gmail.com, or through facebook.com/primalathletic. The unWOD gym is located on 131 S Woodburn Dr., Suite 109 in Dothan. The pricing is all very reasonable if you are wanting to become your very best you.


With wrapping up our talk, Connor finished by saying, “My passion is to help others achieve what they once thought they couldn’t do so that they may become the strongest version of themselves. I believe everyone can benefit from implementing Strongman into their lives.”
-Ashley D. Rubin

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