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Cutting Rugs with Ron DeVane

     Have you ever found yourself at an event where the dance floor is the main attraction, but you just did not have the rhythm to bust a move in front of everyone? Or perhaps you are looking to wow the guests at your wedding by breaking out with the Waltz, but your two left feet got you tripping? Ron DeVane, owner of the Dothan Dance Club, has brought just the classes you need right to our area. Ron has been dancing himself for over 40 years. You might have even seen him perform during Dothan’s version of Dancing with the Stars. It basically flows in his blood, creating a compassion for teaching others who desire to learn structured couples dance. During the week, with the exception of Monday, Ron dedicates his evenings to teaching all types of latin dance, smooth dance and swing dance. These types of dance include, but are not limited to, Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Hustle and Country 2-Step.

     I personally had the opportunity to try some of the dance classes. I must admit, although I had taken several years of tap, ballet and jazz, I was a bit timid. This was quite different, and I was certainly a beginner. Ron nor the others who attended the classes made me feel like I was a beginner, though. There was a great energy that ran throughout the class which made it even more enjoyable. Ron invites any skill leveled adult to attend his classes, but does have different classes he offers that are set for certain levels. He specifies these levels and the classes offered daily through his Facebook page: Dothan Dance Club. Soon, Ron will be adding a new class that will strictly focus on beginners, calling it, “Absolute Beginners.” This class will focus on beginners who have never danced a day in their life. If you have thought about trying something new, whether it be to learn partner dances, or if you are looking to keep active in a way other than just your typical gym workout, this could be a start. Ron stresses that dance helps with balance, keeping active, and even with memory. He said one of his favorite parts about teaching is watching someone correspond with the moves they have been learning- it’s almost like a lightbulb suddenly going off- and then they are dancing before even realizing it.

     Along with the dance classes, on Friday nights Ron keeps the energy fresh with a dance party after class. This provides the ability to practice and show off those dance moves you have been learning all week. If you happen to miss the dance party, the third Saturday of the month is dedicated to cooking out and dancing! That’s a slight twist to your traditional day over the grill. Ron has also participated in other special events which include dancing for SARCOA, and earlier this year he even conducted a fundraiser to support the families of those whose lives were lost in the Orlando night club shooting.

     The dance classes come at $10 a session, and you can just show up if you are interested. Ron loves to say that the hardest step to take in dance is the one that gets you through the door. If you take that step through the door at the Dothan Dance Club, you certainly will not be disappointed!

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