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Deep South Details Discusses Details of The Deep South

Deep South Details CoverPodcasts bring the ability to download broadcasts of every variety straight to your smart device. These digital audio files provide new entertainment to our everyday lifestyle. Being new to this trend, I was eager to sit and talk with two ladies who operate and own their very own podcast. Upon spending less than four minutes with Dana McCain and Kendell Shows, I understood exactly why they were drawing a crowd of listeners to their show. Dana explained just some of the benefits podcasts were bringing to the table, including the ability to listen to what you want, when you want. Once the show is downloaded to your device, it is yours to listen to whenever you chose. Podcasts offer the world yet another convenient way to receive its information. Life is so fast paced these days,and about being able to accomplish multiple tasks at once. The perks of these ‘casts are the luxury of a pause, stop, play, fast forward, and rewind button- and if listening to the show once was not enough, it is there for you to listen until your heart’s desire.


Dana’s and Kendell’s friendship started around ten years ago, but has really blossomed in the past couple of years. During our conversation I had to interrupt Dana just to reassure myself that they in fact, were not related or had been friends since birth. The duo shares a beautifully-orchestrated balance of each other, making it awfully hard to believe the two have less than perfect lives. They were quick to assure me that they still are women that have daily routines of work, laundry, taking care of the kids, cooking dinner, cleaning house- you get the picture. Deep South Kendell ShowsDana and Kendell also share a love for local theatre and have participated in productions, including the recent showing of Les Miserables. It was during this particular show that Dana approached Kendell with the idea of broadening their media basis, but which particular route to take was a challenge in itself. The idea of starting a blog together was their initial thought, but that is a path that is already bursting at the seams with talent. With that many blogs, it could take months, even years, for their words to get read. That is when the idea for a podcast transpired. Dana liked the convenience of these audio files being at her fingertips and had listened to shows while she worked out. Dana and Kendell got hard at work on making their podcast dreams a reality. Once you hear these ladies for yourself, you will understand exactly why they made the best possible decision.

Deep South Dana

In a corner room, of a former boarding school in Dothan, resides Dana and Kendell’s quaint little studio. They even said it themselves, this is where the magic of “Deep South Details” takes place. One can only guess that it gives us the pearls to being southern, and what is more southern than SEC football? That’s right, these ladies built the foundation of their broadcast with pigskin and gridiron glory. They titled their first podcast as, “The Most Wonderful Time,” and no, this was not talking about a specific holiday- this is how serious the South takes football. Of course, we all know that football comes to an end at some point, even though I think I can safely say that many here wish it was year-round. Dana and Kendell have now started to tie in many other seen and unseen gems the South has to offer. Food, fashion and fun are just some of the other topics they share throughout the cast. Dana and Kendell also have the privilege of bringing special guests on the shows- all of which add their own unique flair, making each week just as exciting as the last.


Dana and Kendell record a new podcast weekly, and have all their shows available on the podcast app or you can access them on their website: www.deepsouthdetails.com. Just another benefit of the show is that it is completely free. These ladies have so many big plans for their future shows that success will be their only option. If you travel throughout the southeast area of the U.S. or take an interest in all things southern, I do know that there is not a show more perfect to fit your fancy. I have only nicked the surface what all these ‘casts entail. Tune in for yourself and see just what these Southern Belles are sending through these air waves. They will not leave you disappointed!

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