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Published on March 5th, 2016 | by Brenly McCulloch


Escape Dothan

I arrived at Escape Dothan one early Saturday morning with blind expectations. Escape games have become increasingly popular as of recently. Unfortunately, the best one closest to the Wiregrass is in Birmingham; that is until now! I was beyond excited to hear that Dothan would soon be home to its own escape games. Located on the north side of the Ross Clark Circle, Escape Dothan is located just to the right of the US Post Office. Owners Shawn and Gina Riley were extremely friendly and excited to host Justin April and I for 60 minutes in their flagship puzzle room, Murder at the Mansion. They walked us into the room, started the 60 minute countdown timer and locked the door behind us. Justin and I walked curiously around the room attempting to discover some clues to get us started. However, as it has been awhile since either of us have tuned into NCIS, so we were a little rusty. Luckily, Shawn was sitting in the control room giving us a few hints to get us rolling. Clues to solve our way through the room were scattered everywhere. We looked in every nook and cranny. Justin mentioned he had never touched so many books before in his life. Justin and I were cruising once we got started, but still faced a few hiccups. We finally made it out of the room with exactly 6 minutes to spare. Overall, it was exhilarating! It wasn’t too easy, but it also wasn’t too hard. where You won’t be able to finish in ten minutes, but you also won’t get frustrated and become upset. Shawn and Gina really put a lot of thought into this room. Their second room, Time Warp, will be up and running by early March. Shawn and Gina told me that they plan to have up to four rooms, and are open to making adjustments to each room about every six months to ensure customers can replay the same room without the same puzzle. Escape Dothan is very active on Facebook, and are constantly updating their website (links below). Escape Dothan is suitable for school age kids and up. If you’d like to book a time, check out their website where you can find more information and pay for your exciting adventure.





3759 Ross Clark Circle, Suite #1

Dothan, AL 36303

-Brenly McCulloch

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