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Published on January 1st, 2016 | by Justin April


From the Publisher (January 2016)

We have made it another year, and the anxiety of getting everything rolling for 2016 has washed over me like a hot shower. I am so very excited about the new things to come for this year that I can barely contain myself! With January’s traditional frenzy of trying to work off unwanted holiday pudge, I have decided to start focusing on being a little healthier. My first plan of action will be to maybe lower my bourbon intake and have fewer cigars a month. I have been waking up earlier and earlier over the last few weeks, and it has increased my brain functionality by an incredible amount. I feel more prepared to take on the day when I wake up, and I’m not it a frantic state of trying to get it together before heading into the office.

That new change of being conscious of what I ingest, being mindful of how I spend my time and focusing on building our brand has boosted my quality of life by leaps and bounds. I feel better, I get more accomplished and I can find the time for the things I enjoy a lot easier nowadays. It could always be that feeling of having the holidays behind me, but let me just hope that it is me being a better me.

If you haven’t been sniffing around our social media outlets lately (which you should be if you really want to be up to date about events and entertainment), let me tell you about our newest addition to The Local… We have a podcast. That’s right! Now you can get a weekly installment of what’s going on and where it is going on. You no longer have an excuse not to #bewhatshappening or to even gripe about having nothing to do. You are welcome, Wiregrass. We do it because we love you. Now read this paper cover-to-cover and make all your plans based on our often imitated, but never duplicated, calendar. 2016 is going to be an awesome experience and I can’t wait to see you out there!

Cheers –

Justin April

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