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Local Photographers Killing it Right Now

One thing I think everyone loves is pictures. Pictures are physical memories we can look back on of the happiest times of our lives. Weddings, birthdays, engagements, and just life’s little magical moments, they all deserve to be remembered and immortalized…that’s where photographers come in. They get to be part of our special moments, to capture them so we can gaze upon these beautiful memories time and time again. I rounded up my personal pick for the top 5 Local photographers to help you make some of life’s beautiful memories, just as beautiful as you remember them. 

I asked all 5 these questions, and for them to give a little info about them & their work. 😊

Questions: 1: how did you get into photography? 2: do you have a preference as far as would you rather do weddings, family portraits, engagement, lifestyle…? 3: how would you describe your style of photography? 4: what’s your dream shoot? 5: I’m sure our readers want to know…are you currently booking for the year 2020? or beyond?

Katie Gordie Photography

Katie Gordie: My name is Katie Gordie, and I have been a Dothan resident for 22 of my 25 years. It took me a while to find the beauty of living here, but now I can’t stop seeing it everywhere. Things that make me happy to be alive: my husband and three-year-old baby boy, coaching and playing volleyball, laughing with a kindred spirit, pretending to be a food critic, and taking pictures of it all. 1: As a child, I loved looking at the pictures my mom took throughout her life. I loved the way the style of film changed throughout the decades and made everything feel more meaningful somehow. I have tried to portray the same sentiment ever since when taking my own photos. In a way, photography has always been a part of me. 2: I prefer to photograph anything that spurs an authentic moment. Whether that be a non-traditional wedding ceremony where the bride and groom make a pb & j as a unity symbol, or simply a family at home in their pajamas. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the epic mountain scenery at sunset, but I don’t need it to find beauty in a person. 3: Real, Raw, and Emotional. I want people to feel seen and beautiful for who they are. Just like the film photos my mom took; I want my style of photography to feel timeless. 4: My dream shoot would be somewhere magical like Hawaii or Iceland. 5: I’m booking for 2020 and beyond!

Jessica Sanford: I grew up in Montgomery and moved here a few years ago.  I’m the wife of a high school baseball coach, mama to a one-year old little girl, and a chaser of two spoiled dogs.  I love to travel, wander around target, and I’m allergic to peanuts. 1: I went to art schools for middle and high school.  Some of my friends had photography projects that required styling people for portraits. Watching their shoots was so much fun, so I decided to try it out. I have always painted, but sometimes that gets pretty lonely for someone who enjoys getting to know people. Photography allows me to be creative AND connect with people. 2: Engagements/weddings are my jam! But Maternity/Lifestyle-Newborn are a close second! I truly enjoy being part of the most important days in someone’s life! For me, it’s more than just showing up on wedding day!! I love holding the bride’s (and groom’s) hand throughout the entire process, and even being present for the happily ever after! Watching my brides become moms and being invited to document their family milestones is such a rewarding experience. I am still friends with all of my brides, and I love them to pieces! 3: Light and Bright. I like my images to look as they are in real life, but with vibrant colors and creamy skin tones. 4: I’ll shoot a destination wedding just about anywhere…But I would be OVER THE MOON to shoot a styled wedding in Italy or Africa! 5: I am certainly booking for both and would love to chat!

Alexis Brazell Photography

Alexis Brazell: Hi Everyone! I’m Alexis Brazell- a wife, mother, hospice RN, and photographer. I am always on the go with our (big) spirited 2-year-old, Lennox, so catching a break and photographing my client’s own on-the-go lives is my THING. I love making moments stand still forever, because let’s be honest, time doesn’t stop for us. 1: My mom bought her first Canon Rebel in 2007, I don’t think she ever touched it because I wouldn’t put it down. I’ve always been into anything artsy: photography, painting, building, (clothing), etc. It’s in my genes and blood. When my child was born, my photographer went into overdrive, and I haven’t stopped! I’m thankful I haven’t stopped, because back to the time thing, it hasn’t stopped either. 2: Ooh, give me all of them! I love every style, because they are all so different. I love making them their own shoots, I love making my clients feel like they are on top of the world and super special, because they are! I did shoot my first bridal portraits a few months ago, I’m still currently swooning over them. 3: My own. Warm and personal. I don’t want any photos to look like the session before. Every session and every person is different, and so their photos should reflect that and reflect who the client is! I don’t want Sally’s session to look just like Suzy’s from across town. I love authenticity. 4: Take me to the Salt Fields in Utah or to Joshua Tree. I’ll have died and gone to Heaven! 5: YES. Bring it on! I am so excited to see where this next year takes me and my photography. I love staying busy and I love giving my clients the ability to look back on special moments forever, no matter how big or small. So readers, let’s book, or just grab some coffee and chat- because I live on that stuff.

Brittany Windham Photography

Brittany Windham: I have been married to my husband for 5 years. We have a three-year-old little girl that is FULL of personality. I am a people person, I love margaritas, shopping, and true crime podcasts. I have been doing photography professionally for almost 3 years. 1. I definitely do not have a photographic memory, so photos have always been super important to me. I love being able to look at a photograph and immediately feel like I am there, reliving that moment again. Though it has always been a part of my life, it was not until the birth of my daughter that I truly fell in love with photography. At this point, it became a passion, and I decided to put myself out there and go for it! 2. I try to bring a relaxed, lifestyle vibe to every session that I do. Family sessions and newborns will always have my heart. However, recently, engagements & weddings have become my new favorite. 3. My style of photography is emotive, warm, candid, and detailed with LOTS of depth. I want my pictures to make you feel like you are there. When I post a picture of a child laughing, I want the viewer to feel happy. When I share pictures of a recently engaged couple, I want the viewer to feel the love and excitement for their future. I want my photographs to evoke emotion. 4. My dream shoot would be an engagement session in Hawaii with an adventurous couple that is madly in love and willing to jump in the water, get sandy, and maybe climb a mountain or two. 5. Yes, I am currently booking for 2020 and beyond. My amazing clients keep me super busy, so I always recommend booking as far in advance as possible.

Katie McLeod:  1. Growing up my mom always took photos of us, and my dad would make family videos every year. When I was about 14, I picked up my mom’s camera and started to play around with it. I fell in love with photography and I’ve loved it ever since.  2. Yes, I only take weddings, couple’s sessions, or seniors! 3. I like to describe my style as classy, timeless, and full of emotion. 4. I would love to do a destination wedding in Greece. I am dying to visit, so getting to go there AND shoot a wedding would just absolutely be a dream come true! 5. Yes, I am currently booking for 2020! You can contact me on my website, I would love to talk with you!

Contact info:

Katie Gordie: website: www.katiegordie.com Instagram: @katielyngo

Jessica Sanford: website: www.jessicasanfordphotography.com Instagram: @jessicasanfordphotography

Alexis Brazell: email: booklennoxandco@gmail.com Instagram: @lennoxandcophoto

Brittany Windham: website: www.bookbrittanywindham.com Instagram @bookbrittanywindham

Katie McLeod: website: www.katiemcleodphotography.com Instagram: @katiemcleod._

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