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Motivation for those New Year’s resolutions

Well folks, another year has come and gone. Time really does go by so fast! I hope everyone had wonderful, happy holidays! OH! & HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Woohoo 2019! I’m sure you’ve already come up with a list, big or small, of your resolutions. Whether it be to lose weight, start a new business, go travelling, drink green juice (which I will never do again! Haha), or whatever it may be, there is a list made out either in your mind or written out somewhere. Most people make a list of resolutions and start the new year off pretty great, but then maybe a month or so in, they give up. I am going to give you some tips to follow through with your resolutions, and some motivation for this beautiful new year!

Probably the biggest New Year’s resolution in the world, or for many at least in the USA, is to lose weight, or some form of health-related resolution. Many people just have trouble actually sticking through it. We have a good amount of local businesses that you can support (good resolution also) while getting your health on:


  • Xtreme Health & Fitness/Tribe (334-699-3300)
  • Ambition Fitness & Barbell LLC/Free Saturday Burn Class (every Saturday) (334-805-9607)
  • Combat Mindset/Fitness + Self-Defense + Personal Training (334-446-6433) (P.S. Stay tuned for an inside look with me in the February issue of The Local!)
  • MH Yoga Health Studio, LLC/Yoga + Spinning (334-699-4141)

Health Food:

  • Dothan Eve’s Garden/yummy café with vegan, raw, & organic foods (I go about once a week or so for some tasty & healthy sweets), as well as vitamins, essential oils, groceries and more. (334-699-1414)
  • Health Concepts Dothan/Health Food store (334-673-2444)
  • Clean Eatz/Health Food Restaurant/meal plans offered! (www.cleaneatz.com)

Health means a lot of things: not just weight and eating right. Self-care is really important. Mental and physical health are to be considered equal. Take care of your body, mind and spirit. Exercise, eat healthy (that doesn’t mean you can’t have bread; just be aware of what you eat and how much), meditate, read, enjoy nature, go on adventures and do something good for your soul! Perhaps your resolutions aren’t health related, but maybe $ related; see a local accountant or financial advisor. Maybe you want to learn a new trade or get a new hobby…you can always take local classes! No matter what your resolutions may be, here are some steps in seeing that you stick with them:

  • Organization is a huge factor! Get a planner or a notebook and write it all down! Things are much easier to stick with if it’s written down and visible. Plan, organize, execute.
  • Apps: there are apps on our smart phones for just about anything! Weight loss, budgeting, learning, etc., and most are free…check into some!
  • Accountability partner: some people need a buddy to help keep them on track, and that’s totally good. Whether it be a friend who also wants to travel, or a partner who wants to save $ with you so y’all can build a house, etc.
  • Motivation: maybe make a mood/dream/goal board, or write down (where you can see daily) why you wanted to make this resolution In the first place. You make your resolutions for a reason, and sometimes it gets hard to stay on track. Having this reminder will…obvs…remind you why you’re doing this, and serve as motivation to keep on keepin’ on.

I just want to finish this by saying that you can definitely do anything you set your mind to. I hope everyone had a great 2018 and if not…then it’s a good thing it’s over! Here is to another NEW beautiful year on this beautiful planet! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I hope it’s your best yet!

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