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The Nature Gallery is Bringing More Than Just a Unique Shopping Experience to Dothan!

     The Nature Gallery, located in beautiful historic downtown Dothan, is bringing a lot more than just a unique shopping experience to the area. Known for its alluring paintings and fascinating trinkets, The Nature Gallery has created an atmosphere for those who are looking for a sense of peace. To ease the mind and promote tranquility in your life, you can attend your choice of any yoga classes they are now offering.

     As a first time yoga attendee, I really did not know what to expect. While nervous that my lack of knowledge of yoga would jeopardize the full effect of the class, I was quickly proven wrong. James Wells was instructing the first yoga class I had ever attended and he easily made me feel like I had been practicing yoga for years. He set the vibe with very positive encouragement. I shortly lost the fear that I was gonna be stuck in a headstand for the duration of the class. Most of the other attendees ranged from beginners all the way to some who had been practicing yoga for quite some time. Yoga knows no age or gender; it just helps you learn the science of discovering yourself. Your mind quickly focuses on that moment and the rest of the world is stripped away.


     Beginning August 1st, there will be an ample amount of different yoga classes offered through different instructors at The Nature Gallery. James and his wife, Dianna, have provided a schedule with descriptions of each yoga class they teach, and that schedule is available at  Dianna and James have been practicing yoga for 6 years and have been instructors for 5 of those. The couple was extremely enthusiastic about bringing these classes to the area. Dianna stressed to me the importance of the shared energy, and how it is beneficial to be around those who are at any level of yoga during the classes. Each class is priced at $10 and if you do not have your own yoga mat, one will be supplied to you upon arrival. Raquel Jackson is another yoga instructor who has been teaching a Wednesday morning class over the past few months. She, like James and Dianna, brings an infectiously peaceful mood that is finely distributed during each class.

     With all the fun happening at The Nature Gallery, this is certainly a stop on Foster Street that you do not want to overlook. The Nature Gallery is located at 156 N. Foster Street in downtown Dothan. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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