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The Plant is Under Construction in Downtown Dothan

By now most of you have heard about the Clark’s purchasing the old Coca-Cola plant in our very own downtown Dothan. If you haven’t…now you have. I got with Deavours Clark (KBC’s hubby) to talk about it!

Mary-Morgan Byrd: What made y’all decide to purchase the Coke plant and turn it into “The Plant”?

Deavours Clark: We currently do security for various concerts and music festivals around the Southeast and while we were doing security for Spring Jam this past spring in Panama City Beach, my dad thought “We can do this in Dothan.” He knew the old Coca-Cola bottling plant in Dothan had been vacant for years and had plenty of outside space near the police department for an open-air amphitheater.  

We had the producers from Gulf Coast Jam and Spring Jam come to Dothan and see what they thought about the property, and they thought we should start with the courtyard area first since it was a smaller venue than the open lot, and we could have more frequent events there due to the size (max capacity of roughly 1200 people) as opposed to the open lot with a max capacity of roughly 4500 people.  It would be easier to fill up this space more frequently than the open-air amphitheater adjacent to the police department.  

We are going to do the project in three phases:  the first phase is the courtyard area which can fit roughly 1200 people for smaller musical acts, beer garden, streaming sporting events, etc.; the second phase will be the open air amphitheater adjacent to the police department roughly 4500 people; and the final phase will be the actual building itself which we would like to be a mixed use establishment (possible brewery, office space, restaurant, market, etc.)

We all are big on the revitalization of downtown Dothan (using what we already have) and bringing more businesses and entertainment to a once thriving downtown.  If you look across the U.S. in cities of all sizes you will see a rebirth of their downtowns, and that’s what we want for Dothan.

MMB: Amphitheater, music venue etc…what else can we expect to experience at The Plant?

DC: Beer garden, restaurants, possible brewery, mixed use office space, and any other businesses that fits the mold of what we are trying to accomplish with the property. Entertainment is what we are looking for.  Something to keep young adults in Dothan and provide an entertainment venue for all ages.

MMB: When is the Grand Opening planned?

DC: Our first event will be Sunday, December 10th with David Ramirez and Molly Parden. Tickets are on sale now at

MMB:  Is there anything else you want the Wiregrass to know about The Plant and it’s bright future?

DC: We have a lot of stuff planned for the future of the Plant and will keep everyone posted as it progresses.  Please follow The Plant on Facebook and Instagram to see what’s new and for upcoming events.  We have already booked some artists for the first of next year will keep everyone posted closer to that time.

I am so happy to see downtown Dothan growing so much! I hope we continue to support our local businesses and projects as they grow and grow. I know we are all looking forward to The Plant, and cannot wait to see all that comes with it!

<3 Mary-Morgan xo

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