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From the Publisher (December 2016)

     Ooooohhh, look at us making it for another year. It has, indeed, been a good one! We have been blessed enough to grow a little bit more, work with some incredibly talented people and learn from mistakes made along the way. What do the masses use as a measurement for success? For me it is simple. Am I better than I was last year?

     For my entire life, this has been the driving theme for how I do things. When I was a kid my parents told me a story of two guys in a strength contest. One of the men involved was able to carry thee hundred pounds for ten feet. The other of the men was able to carry one hundred and fifty pounds for a half mile. My parents would ask me which one I thought was stronger, and to a kid, the answer seemed clear. Homie number one with the 300. Who cared if someone ran around the world with 150 lbs of  nonsense, but couldn’t lift 300?. I wasn’t always a wise child.

     For the last four years I have struggled with patience in a lot of aspects of my life. Like a lot of you, I love instant gratification; however, that instant gratification can slowly kill the our appreciation of what is going on in our lives. I love being able to look up something on my phone as much as the next person, but what do we really learn? Where will our resolve and wisdom come from if everything is at our fingertips? It has taken some time and a lot of being knocked down to realize that if I keep climbing towards my goals, however slowly, I’m closer to getting there. It may not be my ideal timeline, but closer is always better than farther.

     This upcoming year is going to be an awesome one. We are going to be doing some redesigns with our print format, we are going to be pushing more of our digital content for those of you who get your news from the internets and we are going to be even more focused on making The Local a better amenity for the Wiregrass. We can’t wait! As for now, I am going to kick off these boots and enjoy the people around me that I call family and friends. Unplug and experience. Here’s to the new year!

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