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From the Publisher (January 2017)

Look out, 2017! We are coming in hot. We are so excited about this new year that we could just burst. With any new year comes a new sliver of anxiety; will I be better than I was last year? Will this new president royally screw up a lot of my hard work? Will these pants that I am currently wearing ever be loose on me again? All these questions… And no way of finding out the answers besides waiting and seeing. Sure, you can plan to work out or save money or hold doors for people, but as time goes by some of those ambitions can fall by the wayside.

I am currently making a promise to myself that I will start holding The Local to a higher standard than in years past. This paper is an incredible platform for people to tell their story, find out new things and see what is going on in our community. We are adding a new team member (Christie McLeod) that is very well trained in newsprint, and she knows us personally well enough to keep us between the lines. I have a tendency to be like an anxious dog: constantly on the lookout and never slowing down to relax. Christie is going to be the calming agent. She knows my downfalls and knows how to encourage me into righting them.

We are going to continue to work towards growth in the coming year. I can’t say for certain if President Trump is going to do a great job or be a yuuuge disaster, but I can tell you that I will personally be working harder than ever to make this paper great again. Not that it was ever less than great, but you get the correlation. Cheers to a new year and we look forward to new relationships being built, new business and carrying on our tradition of being what’s happening!


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