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From the Publisher (July 2016)

The Office

     It certainly doesn’t seem like half the year is behind us. I have been so busy working on our office, The Local Podcast and other random projects that 6 months have gone by almost unnoticed. Everything happens so fast nowadays. Way to go technology. Back in the old days (the 90’s), you couldn’t just text someone or call them from where you were standing. You had to call a landline and hope that whoever you were looking for would answer. This day and age, you can operate a business almost entirely from your phone. While that’s cool, you miss out on a lot of face-to-face interaction which I believe builds better relationships

     There are so many reasons to have your face buried in a phone that I won’t go into it. I see weddings being watched through a 3×4 inch screen when the event is happening in the same room, in higher definition than any iPhone; however, that doesn’t seem to bother many people. We sit back and burn our retinas with 1080p and constant scrolling. It is no wonder that our generation gets most of its news from Facebook.

     It is a shame. There is so much happening in this time of our lives that to experience it through a phone video is cheating yourself out of the experience. It is way easier to be an advocate for whatever you care about by posting it on Facebook than to actually go support the cause. So, people post instead of post up. And it is a shame. This month I would like to challenge you to rely less on your devices and more on your senses. Immerse yourself in as many moments as you can. Those memories that are made by experiencing something will far outlast any phone battery or iPad update, and your friends and family will appreciate it too.

So many people use their electronics as an escape from their surroundings, but our surroundings are awesome.  They make more of an impression on our long term memory than any Instagram post; that is one of the reasons I love working with The Local so much. When the batteries die, and the power is out… You can still read this rant. Don’t sell yourself short by relying on screens and likes. Go out and enjoy your surroundings. See you out there!

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