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From the Publisher (March 2017)

     March is one of our favorite months for many reasons. It kicks off the 6 months of running back and forth to the beach, it signals consistently warmer weather and an opportunity to participate in a ton of awesome events. Flip through our calendar and pick 3 things to get into for the month of March. We dare you! There is so much going on that we need vacations from our weekends. It could be our non-stop drive to keep the paper involved with the community. It could be some weird internal demon that just wants to keep us eternally tired and dehydrated. Either way, one of the most important facets of living somewhere is quality of life.

     I have a pretty high standard of production for events. I have toured all over the place with bands, I have seen so many aspects of concerts and I have deduced that doing something half-hearted can be the kiss of death for what could be a new tradition. A lot of people with musical background or production background can spot a poorly organized event a mile away. Luckily this isn’t a huge issue where we live.

     The mere fact that collectively we live in the Wiregrass speaks volumes about the character of the area. It is so conveniently located that you can be in Atlanta in four hours, the beach in under two or even the Gump in an hour, if you want a reckless endangerment ticket. We have something that we can get into every single day. All this “There is nothing to do here” silliness…you are doing it wrong. Do it right. Go check out things first-hand. And take your friends.

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