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From the Publisher (May 2017)

I am currently doing something I haven’t done in a long time. I am writing this column from my living room at home. We have been in our office almost a year and a half, and since we moved in everything has been done from there. It is incredibly humbling to be able to look back at where we’ve come from in comparison to where The Local is today. One of the reasons The Local has been able to grow has been the unwavering support from family and friends, namely my mom.

If there is one thing that I have learned from my mother, it is to never give up on what you want. She always told me that if I worked hard enough, my goals would become milestones along my path. She was, as moms usually tend to be, correct. She has always been encouraging when times are slow, excited when things are great and quick to remind me that even though she may not be able to climb into my Jeep without help, she will still whip me into shape when it is needed. I want to dedicate this issue to the incredible ladies that have helped all of us grow into the dysfunctional, goal-driven adults we have all become today!

Now that May is under way, it is time for higher temperatures, more trips to the beach and a real exciting time for the area. The summer months in the Wiregrass are host to so many great opportunities for people to experience new things. Between street festivals, fundraisers and live music performances, there is no excuse to be bored in the Wiregrass. As the summer days keep flying off the calendar, I encourage you to get out more in our area. Remember that by spending money with local businesses you improve our community, impact the economic climate and encourage the people who have invested in the area. It takes a lot to own a business, but support from the community is the sustaining factor that can keep a business growing year after year.

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