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Setting Goals

Another new year! 2013 has arrived! What a great time for new beginnings! Parents and students alike can take this opportunity to set new goals for themselves. Not necessarily New Year’s resolutions, but obtainable goals that have a deadline.

You and your student can sit down together and discuss their ideas and dreams. It doesn’t matter how old or how young your student is, all of them have dreams. Yes, the very young may have very unrealistic dreams, but sometimes the older students do also.

Help your student plan and execute their goals. The first semester has ended and a new one has begun. The past is behind us, and it is time to begin anew.

The younger student might set a goal to make an A in spelling the first nine weeks, or to make 100 on one spelling test. The older student might aim for A/B Honor Roll or even the A Honor Roll for the first 9 weeks of this new semester. Whatever their goal might be, help them make a plan of action. The goal should be realistic and obtainable with the proper amount of effort.

It is better to set small realistic goals that the student will be able to meet. Don’t expect a poor student to bring all their grades up to As in a short period of time. Allowing a goal like this will only set the student up for failure. Focus on just one area at a time. The goals don’t have to be about just making better grades. It might be that your student has issues with behavior in class or on the bus. Discuss and set goals accordingly. Reward your student when they reach their goal; then set the standard a little higher for the next time.

An additional benefit of establishing a system of goals with your child is that you will find yourselves spending more quality time together in a positive fashion. While discussing what their expectations and aspirations are for their life, share your own experiences when you deem it appropriate. However, when sharing your own experiences, remember that above all, listening to your student is critical.

As a parent, if you also set goals for yourself with your student and actively make an effort to reach your goal, you will be setting a good example for your student. Hold each other accountable and encourage one another. As they watch you strive to reach your goal they will be inspired to also reach theirs.

Remember, setting realistic and obtainable goals are the key to success for you as a parent and for your student. Take the time daily to cultivate their growth and potential. Use the opportunity this new year provides to make a fresh start.

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