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Spending a few hours in downtown Dothan is easy

Spending a few hours in downtown Dothan is easy. There is yummy coffee and drinks at Bird & Bean, yummy lunch and snacks at KBC, and plenty of great shopping! One of the best boutiques in Dothan happens to be downtown, and it’s called Odonata. Odonata opened its doors on June 26, 2017. The name Odonata comes from the owner, Terri Fortner’s, love of dragonflies.

Odonata is the scientific name for a subgroup of insects that encompasses dragonflies and

damselflies. Terri buys things that she likes, and it makes for a truly one-of-a-kind shop, full of

one-of-a-kind items: items stemming from jackets and wraps, to shirts, candles, bath bombs,

cute cups and glasses, and everything in between and beyond. If you want something eclectic

or perhaps from a local artist, this is the shop for you. Terri moved here in May, and is already

doing so well with her shop. I stopped by to meet with her on a Monday, a day they are closed.

While I was there talking with her (and shopping) two ladies stopped and were looking in the

window. Terri opened the door for them and invited them in. I talked with them a bit and one

of the ladies said that she lives in Panama City and came up to Dothan JUST TO SHOP AT

ODONATA! How neat is that? Terri tries to carry things you won’t find at other places which

makes it truly unique, because let’s face it…lots of shops around town have very similar things.

I am a candle fanatic and I must say that Odonata has the best selection of yummy-smelling

candles! Voluspa is my favorite probably, but there are so many good ones, and they are offered in assorted sizes from little tiny gift size to big gift size. Odonata has an excellent selection of bath bombs and lotions, bubble bath and more too! Tokyo Milk is another excellent brand Odonata carries. They also offer lots of super-cute home décor! Odonata has gifts for just about anyone and for any occasion. Have a baby or friends with babies? Odonata has some baby stuff too! Stuff that, again, you won’t find everywhere else. None of that smocked stuff here!!

Go check it out! They are open Tuesday-Friday 10-5 @ 150 North Foster St. Dothan, AL. You can find them on Instagram @odonatadothan and on Facebook @Odonata. And if you need to call for any reason: #3347923004.

So, go shopping!


3 Mary-Morgan xo

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