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The Blader

“Darkness falls across the land

The midnight hour is close at hand

Creatures crawl in search of blood” Thriller, Vincent Price


It’s that time of the year and I desperately wanted to write this article to parody Michael Jackson’s Thriller. And I honestly gave it a go… And it was terrible. So, you will just have to imagine. Since a good scare, a good story, a costume and some candy are the reason for the season, gather ‘round kids, it’s time for Charlene to tell you about the Blader.


Microblading is a hot hot hot word right now in the Beauty Industry. First what is it? A process where an eyebrow expert uses a microblading pen and meticulously draws in individual hair strokes in the eyebrow.

“It is perfect for those people that want to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps, fill in over plucked brows, or for those that want to add a slight arch.”

The procedure should take up to 2 hours. The first hour is a process of numbing and having the brows measured and drawn on with pencil. This is the hardest and longest part of the the procedure. But since brows are the single most defining feature on anyone’s face it is pretty important that it is done correctly.


A little bit about me. I am no stranger to trying anything new on my face. I probably shouldn’t be so adventuresome but it’s my passion. I have had eyeliner tattooing. It hurt terribly and didn’t last. Let me remind you, I only tell you my experiences, other people may have felt no pain and loved their results. It just wasn’t for me. Next, I had eyebrow tattooing. My first time was almost 4 years ago. It was super painful, no numbing cream at all and it didn’t last. 2 years ago I had 3D brows done. This again used a tattoo needle to create individual strokes in the eyebrow. I loved the results, but it HURT!! I had numbing cream applied and reapplied. I had snot pouring out of my nose, my eyes were running but my technician and I gutted through and they were great. Because I am a user of Retinol, Hydroquinone and vitamin C my skin bleaches…..these products will have an effect on your 3D brows. They will fade them over time. Then Microblading surfaced onto the scene. Having made the mistake of having adventuresome things done to my face in the past where the results were less that satisfactory, I did my research. There are some amazing brow experts in Birmingham and surrounding areas, but I wanted to find someone local. I mean, I write an article for the “THE LOCAL”.


Meet Microblader and licensed esthetician, Yian (Yin) SaePhanh Hupe. Her work is available to see on Instagram and Facebook. Yian  worked at Nordstrom’s for 15 years as a Christian Dior makeup artist, then she became an esthetician, then an Anastasia Brow Specialist. Brought to the area, like a lot of us, by the United States Army she is also a dog mom and military wife. She trained to do Microblading in Miami with Leslie Rojas, owner of Stylish Brows. Leslie Rojas trained with Branco Babic, founder of Phibrows Academy and one of the lead pioneers in the field. I say all that to say she knows her stuff. I had also looked at her work ahead of time to make my decision. CHECKING PEOPLE’S WORK AND GETTING REFERRALS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Right now there are some very sad people walking around with really bad brows because they didn’t do their research. Don’t be one of those people. Yian works at Rituals in Enterprise, so I made my appointment and we got started. First numbing cream is applied this sits on your skin for approximately 20 min to get good and numb. Then the painstaking process of measuring begins. Once that is done she mixes up your custom color and then out comes the Microblading pen. I won’t lie to you, it hurts, not nearly as bad as tattooing my eyebrows did, but it can be uncomfortable. Also, I am a big baby. It’s not anything you can’t get through for amazing brows. Afterwards I couldn’t let my brows get wet for 7-10 days; that was a bit of a challenge because I go to the gym and I sweat A LOT. I absolutely love my results. My brows are so much more even, fuller and it look completely natural. Microblading is not a one-time treatment; you will lose 30-40% of your pigment and will have to go in for a touch up in about 30 days from original treatment. The results can last anywhere from 6 months to 3 years depending on lifestyle and products used. In order to have long-lasting results you should have touch ups done at least once a year. Microblading can be expensive at $400-600 for the first treatment.


Once again, if this is something you are thinking about having done, do your research!! Ask around and find out who is most highly recommended. Ask to see their work! Don’t be a victim of the Blader….Muahahahaha….Imagine that said by Vincent Price.


Charlene Commerford

Master Esthetician

Rituals Salon and Day Spa

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