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The three Steps to New Year Success – Chris Wash PT

The Three Steps to New Year Success      

It’s the New Year and we all know that means “resolutions” and new plans and goals. I, for one, would like to make sure that you are set up for success and have three recommendations to ensure that your New Year’s Resolutions are on point.

  1. Set realistic, measurable goals that have short term and long term benchmarks. As a Physical Therapist, this is one thing that I do daily and it has become second nature. The average person, however, is a little less experienced. I suggest setting 2-3 long term (over the course of the year) goals along with 2-3 short term (goals that support the long term goal to measure progress) for each long term goal. When you set goals, make them measurable and realistic. That means if I have a weight loss goal, and the total is 30 pounds, then make sure that I have 30 pounds to lose without jeopardizing my health, and that I have a reasonable rate of progress. Take into account that any behavioral change will have larger impacts when it’s first introduced and then smaller as time goes on. You may lose 10 pounds the first month and then 3 the following month. Don’t let those things discourage you. If it’s an exercise goal, such as running a certain distance, lifting a certain weight, attending the gym a certain amount of times, allow yourself those “growing pains” as well. Don’t get discouraged, and set your sights on the smaller, short-term steps to get you where you need to go.
  2. This is the big one for most people. Ask For/ Seek Out help. At the bare minimum try to find an accountability partner to share your goal(s) with and allow them to come alongside you to make sure you are doing the things you need to succeed. In a more ideal situation, find a professional or someone experienced in the field or area of your goal, and get them to help you plan/strategize. In our situation, both nutritional and exercise/sport goals are the things that we are best suited to address. Make sure that you are seeking advice or assistance from someone competent. Unfortunately, as you may have read in my previous messages, there is no “registry” for competent trainers or medical professionals, so you will need to rely on your experience and “gut” when it comes to those things. If you are a parent, GET YOUR KIDS INVOLVED. I absolutely love watching my kids crush their goals and setting new ones; it’s very motivational.
  3. Make it fun. This is possibly the most important one for me. If what I’m working toward does not have some fun payoff or reward at the end, then it’s much harder to stick to a plan. If there is something that you truly love and enjoy, then reward yourself at the completion of your goal. Take yourself on vacation or get yourself an item you’ve been waiting to buy, or even just give yourself a day off to enjoy your new success. Make a game of the process. Use a calendar to mark off days. Use a chart to outwardly register successes. Involve the people around you in the fun of working toward goals, and you will be encouraged.

Our community is rich with people who love helping others and are very gifted and talented in doing so. Please find them and use them to achieve greatness.

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