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Tied to the Community

360 Outreach is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization striving to reach, teach and impact our younger generation.  Jemmie Watford, the founder of the organization, is active in the public schools and offers many programs and events aimed at preparing young children and teens for the best life possible.  One of the events that is offered is “Tied to the Community”.

     “Tied to the Community” is designed to place young men with mentors that are hard-working, good men in our community.  The young men spend time in the mentors’ work or home environments in an effort to change their concept of what ‘being a man’ really means.  According to Watford, “In order to change ‘the Man’ concept of some young men, you must challenge their idea of ‘Man’.  Thanks to the awesome volunteers who invite these young men into their jobs, homes and hearts, these chosen young men get a chance to see how men work, think, and feed their families; and they can see why it is important to have this mentality.”

     With contributions from local businesses and individuals, 360 Outreach selects at-risk young men from Pass Academy, takes them to businesses where professional men share their stories and their lives with these potential future leaders.  The young men are shown how to work, are told what is expected of them, and they are taught how to fill out employment applications.

     During last year’s “Tied to the Community” event, a local businessman, Paul Blount, showed the young men how he runs a local moving company.  Blount shared with the youth the importance of dressing well, speaking well and having a positive attitude.  “As these men in the local business community share their time with the young men in attendance, it becomes clear why this program is necessary,” Watford said.  “The interaction, the questions, the showing of care puts smiles on the young men’s faces and hope in their hearts.”

     The young men, as part of the “Tied to the Community”, also get a lesson on how to tie a tie, both bow ties and classic ties.  “Any man in business knows the value of knowing how to tie a tie.  Ties are a symbol for distinguished men.”  The program not only teaches the young men how to tie these ties, but every young man in attendance will own one by the end of the week-long event.  Last year’s event ended with a cookout at Eastgate Park where the young men had the chance to not only have a great time, but they were also reminded by local mentors about the importance of becoming responsible men.

     The next “Tied to the Community” event will be in March of next year.  If you know of a business or individual that might wish to contribute through mentoring or financial contributions, you can contact Jemmie Watford at (334) 685-4541.

     Thank you, Jemmie, for investing your time, money and efforts into our future: our youth!  We are happy to welcome you to the Good Vibe Tribe!

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