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Published on January 1st, 2016 | by Brenly McCulloch


Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of the year to make your New Year’s resolutions. However, they are easier said than done. Lucky for you, I have compiled a list of the most common New Year’s resolutions and tips of how you can take them to the bank!

  1. Lose Weight – This by far the most common resolution, and it is also by far the most common to be broken. If you live in the Wiregrass area, you have probably heard of Planet Fitness and Max Fitness. These are both great options; however, if you’d like to save a few more bucks because you aren’t a fitness junkie, you should check out if your church has a gym membership (usually it’s only $50 a YEAR). To go even further, head out to Westgate and do some lap swim in the morning or attempt to run a 5K for FREE.
  2. Take a Journal – Vlogging has become increasingly more popular in this day and age. It may interest you to create a short 10 second clip everyday and compile it all at the end of 2016 to share your year in a short film. An alternative would be to keep up with a journal.
  3. Live Life to the Fullest – Here’s something we all ought to do! The Wiregrass is full of adventure and places to explore. Try checking out the Azalea Dogwood Trail through the historic and beautiful Garden District. Better yet, head downtown with family and friends to check out the Dothan Opera House, Wiregrass Museum of Art, or The Depot! Just surrounding yourself with loved ones will fulfill your life most.iPhone Dinner
  4. Put Down the Phone – Try turning off your electronic devices for 24 hours. Could you do it? Today in this generation dining out with friends and family consists of a silent table with fingers tapping away at the LCD screen in front of them. Challenge yourself to put down the phone and enjoy each other’s PHYSICAL company.
  5. Change Up the House – Does your home look like a chicken coop? If you want to get organized and maybe spice up your home presentation, go to Naomi and Olive! Here you can gather some stunning home decor and even freshen up your living room with a handmade rug. When it comes to organizing, designate an hour a week for cleaning. In the end, this will result in 52 hours of cleaning per year opposed to one long weekend of “Spring Cleaning.”
  6. Speak Out – Maybe you’re an introvert. Maybe you’re an extrovert who is afraid of failure. Regardless of your case, speak up! The richest place in the world is the graveyard because that’s where unspoken ideas go to die. You might have the next idea for a multi billion dollar company!
  7. Try New Things – If you want to try something new, go check out Firefly Yoga! There’s nothing like unlocking unknown muscle movements and releasing your stress and worries! If you want to try some new food, head downtown. Here you can find some underrated local bars and restaurants! If there’s one thing the Wiregrass has, it’s restaurants! There are dozens of choices per food type!Save Money
  8. Save Money – This can easily be done by becoming a smarter grocery shopper! This means taking careful inventory of your pantry before shopping so that nothing you buy goes to waste and whipping out the newspaper to cut out coupons. If you want to save a few more dollars, try to remember to turn off lights in unoccupied rooms.
  9. Help the Community – If you want to make a difference in the Wiregrass area, there are dozens upon dozens of opportunities to do so. If you’d like to volunteer, I’d suggest contacting the Southeast Medical Center, the Dothan Humane Society, or your local church! The Wiregrass has a great community of volunteers and it’s never too late to join in! Some volunteer organizations offer sweet perks too, like traveling to help abroad or meeting people you would have never done so without.
  10. Do a Bucket List Item – Cross something off your bucket list once per week. Ask yourself, “What would I do if I had 24 hours to live?” …and DO it right now! Don’t make excuses as to why you can’t accomplish something; excuses only satisfy the ones who make them.

-Brenly McCulloch

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