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The Webb Paranormal Group

The Webb Paranormal Group is shedding light on the mysterious, abnormal activity that some in this life have experienced. As the Halloween season quickly approaches us, there is always the thought of ghosts and goblins in the back of our minds. But what happens when you do feel as if you have experienced an unexplained presence and you want answers? Naturally, this occurrence could happen any time of the year; therefore, WPG is providing services in helping those seek answers about the paranormal year-round.

In 2015, Stan Fikes, Teresa Fikes, Shajuana Coleman and Chris Wood decided to form their group after all going through some sort of paranormal activity at some point in their lifetime. Since then, they have added other members, Jenna Ryals, Garrett Ryals, Judy Moore and Amanda Athey. Each member has their own unique set of skills that serve a purpose within the team, that when combined strive for their common goal of helping others, alive or dead.

This team operates strictly as a volunteer organization, offering all their services free to the clients. Along with their work for the individual clients, they also have a strong hand in the outreach to our community. There are many fundraising events WPG participates in to raise money for local charities. All of their work is done with the respect of privacy and they take very seriously anyone who requests confidentiality.  

If you have some paranormal activity occurring and you are considering seeking guidance, WPG performs scientific experiments which are then evaluated. At this point, they try to scientifically decipher what is taking place. However, not always is there a scientific explanation. If after no explanation is determined or possibly an unsettling explanation, the group offers assistance for the negativity to be removed. WPG wants to make sure that by the end of the experience you are left with peace of mind. Before and after the experience, prayers are said as the group sees their efforts as Christian-based. After each investigation, WPG follows up with their clients so that they will continue to have someone with whom to speak and pray.

On October 21,2017, Pauly Jail will be hosting a ghost tour and investigation. The Webb Paranormal Group will be holding a contest, through their Facebook page, for five hopeful tagalongs. If you would like more information regarding Webb Paranormal Group, you can check out their website: webbparanormalgroup.com. Here you can contact the group and read more information about the members and what they contribute.

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