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Windmill Station

The past couple of months I’ve been covering budding businesses in downtown Dothan; this month I am going to cover a business that is expanding in Dothan. Windmill Station is a grouping of buildings located at 1369 Headland Ave., on the same road as the beloved Zack’s Restaurant and right behind East River Trading Company. Owner Eddie Donaldson has been working on the Windmill Station project for 4 years now. Windmill Station dates back to the 1930s and was originally constructed for the Civilian Conservation Corps. Another cool bit of info…it was used to house German prisoners of war during World War II! Donaldson has been working hard to make Windmill Station all it can be. The station sits on 32 acres and has so much to offer! During the construction and renovating process, they have kept as much of the historical and original elements to the buildings as possible. Original woods and the original tin roofing have also been incorporated into the new design! It has so much potential and they are doing such an amazing job!

They opened an event venue a few months ago, and it has already housed a few weddings and other events. I met with manager Gayla White to talk with her about the new event venue and what is in store for the future of Windmill Station…which I will say looks bright!

The 6700 square foot event venue that opened in the spring seats 200, has a stage, sound system, bridal suite, groom’s room, a catering kitchen and a full bar! The venue also has an adorable 80’ x 20’ covered patio that looks out onto beautiful greenery. This venue is perfect for any event you could want, indoor or outdoor! Gayla said they are hoping to hold free events, once a month, so people can come out, view the venue and socialize! There is an event in October (HELLO HALLOWEEN!) that we will talk more about in the October issue, so look out for that!

Gayla showed me around the whole station and the changes that are coming are beyond exciting! An additional venue space will be coming the first of the year for starters! The additional 10,000 square foot venue space/banquet hall will seat over 500, making it perfect for larger weddings and events. Aside from the venue spaces, they will be adding Dothan Mattress, Dixie Daffodils Boutique and a salon! Also, maybe a little sammie shop, possibly? That would be awesome right? It was only briefly mentioned so that’s not a for sure thing, but I love a good sammie so my hopes are already up a bit. ☺ There will be more spaces available, so who knows what could be in store for the future of Windmill Station. Once completed, there will be outdoor entrances as well as hallways and indoor entrances to each business. So, if you’re going to get your hair done at the salon, while your color processes, just walk down the hallway inside to the boutique and do a little shopping to kill time…Perfect!

The future looks more than bright for Windmill Station and I can’t wait to see what they come up with! Follow them on Facebook at WindMill Station, and their website to keep up with their events and renovations, I know I am!

<3 Mary-Morgan xo

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